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7 Things to Know Before Visiting Moab, Utah

7 Things to Know Before Visiting Moab, Utah


Moab is the hub for all your outdoor activity needs. Surrounded by national parks, national forest, and state parks, Moab is at the top of every adventurers list. Don’t forget these tips while visiting Utah’s best outdoor town.

1- Bring your own water. There are very few reliable water sources in Arches National Park, and even less in Canyonlands. Go to Gearheads in Moab for FREE water refills. Bring about 4 liters per day, per person when spending time outdoors. Also, don’t forget to factor in extra water if you are camping.

2- Avoid the sun. Wear a hat, breathable clothing, sunglasses, and SUNSCREEN. Moab and it’s surrounding parks sit at an elevation of 5000 ft and summer temperatures rarely drop below 95°F. Which brings me to…

3- Plan to visit Moab during the spring or fall. Utah’s deserts are very unforgiving during the summer months in terms of temperature and sun exposure. Visiting during the spring/fall will allow you to enjoy all your outdoor activities without overheating.

4- Follow the cairns. There is the opportunity to get very lost while hiking near Moab. Dried up water beds and rivers can fool even the most experienced hikers.

5- Watch out for cryptobiotic soil – it’s a living system that keeps our deserts alive! This black soil crust is very common in deserts and it covers most of the sand in Arches and Canyonlands. Crypto reduces erosion, absorbs rainfall, and acts as a storage system for essential nutrients. Cryptobiotic soil takes between 10 to 100 years to recover.


6- Learn about Leave No Trace (LNT). This is a helpful tool if you are spending any time outside in a beautiful area. Keep our nations beautiful areas beautiful so that they can be enjoyed for generations.

7- Grab the brochure at the Canyonlands Visitor Center, but don’t rely on the map. Keep an eye out for signs while hiking – it’s easy to get lost.


And unofficially – grab yourself a cold beer at the Moab Brewery or Eddie McStiff’s after a long day outside! Anything you think should be added to this post? Let me know in the comments below!


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