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Travel the World for Free – WWOOF Costa Rica (Part 2: The Work)

Travel the World for Free – WWOOF Costa Rica (Part 2: The Work)

Hi, lovelies! I lived in Costa Rica for one week for FREE through a work exchange program called WWOOF. Keep reading to learn about my WWOOFing experience, and to find out if WWOOFing is right for you! 

If you want a bit of background information, check out Part One HERE – I talk about the magical paradise that is Essence Arenal.

Zoe and I expected to be working together for the week that we were at Essence Arenal. Unfortunately, when we arrived we learned that we would be split up for the first few days.

We were originally told that our work would take place on the farm. The staff informed us that they needed one of us to work on the farm and also needed help in the kitchen for breakfast and dinner. We were disappointed to hear that we would be split up AND have opposite schedules, but we tried to make the best of it.

Entrance to Essence Arenal kitchen and dining area

Zoe began her kitchen shift the next morning while I went to work on the farm. We alternated days so that we both got a chance working outside as well as in the kitchen. We both preferred the outside work.

The kitchen did have its benefits. We could interact with guests and have our afternoons free. On these days, we would kick back in a hammock and read a book, explore the property, and hang out with our new friends (some WWOOFers, some guests). Time in the kitchen consisted of helping with breakfast and dinner preparation, serving guests, and assisting with clean up.

Our outdoor duties varied daily. Over the course of our time at Essence Arenal we worked with other WWOOFers and staff to clean up the trails on the property, paint structures, plant seeds and seedlings, remove weeds, feed chickens, and trim bushes.

There was a noticeable language barrier between myself and the two staff members that worked on the farm. Zoe and I got by on smiles, laughs, and following their example.

Overall, we worked six days in a row, six hours each – and had the seventh day to ourselves. After work each night we made our way up to the kitchen to snag some Wi-Fi, call family/friends, and play card games with friends.

Essence Arenal provided canopies for guests to stay under at a very inexpensive rate ($6/night) which was near the WWOOFing tent. We quickly became friends with the campers and other WWOOFers. The people at EA made our experience unforgettable.








There is something special about being in a beautiful place with beautiful people who have similar interests. Throughout our 6 weeks in Central America, we continued to run into the friends that we had originally met in Costa Rica.

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